Bensonhurst Gardens
MTA 18th Ave on the D line Bensonhurst Brooklyn
Photo credit Etienne Frossard

Different aspects of the environment and different ethnic groups living together are at the core of the installation inaugurated in the summer of 2012 at a West End Line station of the NYC subway. His work is composed of a series of glass panels, light-boxes from which emerges a panorama of unusually planted gardens. The images portray a landscape dotted with indigenous American plants, together with plants of different provenance that are, however, fully familiar to the inhabitants of Bensonhurst (mostly of Jewish, Italian and Chinese origin). A central role is allotted to the rose and the lily, traditional attributes of the virgin Saint Rosalia, patroness of Palermo, celebrated each year with great emotional involvement by the Italian community. The different species find the strength to emerge, within the work, from the ‘ruins’ of a degraded environment, vigorous witnesses to the persistence of nature. (T. L. Cicciarella)